Hey there. The name is Tifa; I'm the bartender of 7th Heaven.
Would you like something to drink? We have some cocktails that you might like. Long Island Iced Tea, Piña Colada, Daiquiri, you name it.
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He didn’t know where he was. The last remembered was that he was still standing upon the ground of his own kingdom. In the middle of the night street, observing the area just to make sure that the city was peaceful and there was no threats to destroy such peace. However, now he was standing in front of a totally unfamiliar street. The town around him was not of any place he had been or visited before. Stood before him was a building, labelled ‘7th Heaven’ as a big sign in front of it. His hand came up to massage his own temple, trying to recall what happened right after he was standing in his own realm, though his memories around that time were clouded with fog in which he could get nothing out of it no matter how hard he tried.

After several attempts, he gave up. Blue eyes scanned the town surrounding him before his feet took steps forward. His hand pushed the door open, hoping this place would have someone that could provide some kind of assistance to him.

“Excuse me..”

Hearing the light chime of bells prompted the raven-haired woman to glance up. Her crimson eyes fixed upon the newcomer as he hesitantly wandered into the bar. Casually dressed, the man reminded her somewhat of her regular customers, except their attires were dull and faded. Inclining her head, Tifa scrutinised his visage from afar; his expression seemed somewhat confused. Not bewildered, but they definitely didn’t hold the confidence of a normal resident. I wonder if he’s lost…

"Excuse me…"

As soon as he had murmured these words, Tifa called out to the stranger in an amiable voice. “Hey, there,” she greeted with a gentle smile, “Can I help you with anything?”

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Seifer sat down at the bar roughly, hand slamming at the bar as he scowled and waved

Blinking once, the bartender inclined her head and approached the newcomer. A smile lit her features as she spoke in a light tone, “Is there anything I can get for you?”

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He shook his head once to confirm her question, watching her reaction with interest. By the sound of it, this ‘Edge’ place was quite well known or considered common knowledge to this area. It wasn’t surprising considering how big the city is. If not for the fact that he had gotten used to traveling foreign locations, Snow would easily get lost from walking the streets aimlessly like he does.

“I’m from New Bodhum, or Cocoon if that’s any better.” Snow answered as he shifted his position to lean his left forearm on top of the smooth bar counter, his other hand still absently clutching his drink. “But I have a feeling that you won’t recognize the name.” One end of his lips turned up into a half smile. Since this was the first time he heard the name of her home, he figured it would be the same the other way around.

New Bodhum didn’t ring a bell, and neither did Cocoon. Are those places even in Gaia? The young woman shook her head in response as she spoke reluctantly, “You’re right, I haven’t. I don’t even think…” the bartender paused in mid-sentence.

Could it be that he was from another world? While that seemed to be the most likely, Tifa couldn’t imagine another world existing outside of the one she’s familiar with. Guess the universe is bigger than I thought it was, Tifa mused as the confusion in her features faded. “Never mind. That’s pretty interesting.” she remarked, returning the towel back to its original place before washing her hands, “We never really get many visitors that aren’t from Gaia.”

After a moment of silence, she blinked once before letting out a small chuckle of embarrassment. “Ah, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Tifa,” the bartender said with a warm smile, extending her hand over the counter towards the other.

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Doing as suggested, the large male settled himself down on one of the middle barstools with one arm resting on top of the counter while the other hung at his side. His gaze absentmindedly drifted over to the bartender as he waited, something about her reminded him of someone. ‘Who… oh.’ The image of the well known fiery bartender back at home flashed through his mind. Technically this miss and Lebreau seemed to have nothing in common but perhaps it was the dark hair and their shared occupation that reminded him of his childhood friend. Or maybe he was simply homesick… huh, it’s been awhile since he’s felt homesick.

Pulled out of his thoughts by the sound of glass against marble, Snow noticed the mug in time to lift his hand and stop it from sliding past. Shooting his only company in the room a smile in thanks, he lifted the drink to his parched lips and swallowed two large gulps of the cool liquid. A refreshed sigh escaped as he placed the mug back onto the counter. How long has it been since he had a good old beer? Clearly far too long.

The brawler’s hand stayed idly wrapped around the glass as his attention was caught by the raven haired woman’s voice. He hadn’t expected her to initiate a conversation, but welcomed it nonetheless. The burly man was known to talk after all.

Nodding his head in answer to his question, he thought about when he first arrived to this foreign location. “Edge, is that what this place is called? I’ve been traveling so I’m never sure where I am anymore.” He informed her with a sheepish chuckle, knowing all too well how lost he is.

"Oh? So you’ve never heard of this city?" Tifa blinked back surprise as she leaned forth, resting her forearms against the cool marble. 
It was almost a startling notion for the bartender, to think that the young man was completely unfamiliar with a large city such as Edge. He’s obviously not from the Midgar Area, the raven-haired woman mused as she lightly tapped her fingertips rhythmically against the counter in thought. Maybe he was from another Area. He must be from someplace far, then…

Straightening her posture, Tifa grabbed a towel from an open drawer and began to wipe down the sink as she continued to converse with the other. “So, you’re traveling, right? What Area are you traveling from?” she asked curiously.

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“A bar, huh? Just what I need.” The brawler stated to no one in particular upon his entrance into 7th Heaven, a pleased grin plastered across his lips. Treading over to the counter, he raised a hand to catch the female bartender’s attention, “One beer please!”

Hearing an unfamiliar voice boom throughout the bar, the young woman glanced upwards from behind the counter as she set down the dishes she was washing in the sink. Oh… a new customer, she thought as she nodded once, her hand gesturing to one of the barstools. “Sure thing. Feel free to grab a seat,” she replied with a cheerful smile as she walked to the cupboard to grab a beer mug. 

After she filled the mug with beer, she slid the glass over the counter towards the stranger, “There you go. If you want refills, just let me know.”

As she returned to her task of washing the dishes, she fixed her scarlet eyes upon the man once again. The blond male looked rather unfamiliar. While his attire wasn’t too outlandish, he stood out in his own way; maybe it was his massive build or his tall stature? Needless to say, he looked strong; strong enough to be able to take down a behemoth singlehandedly. But despite his appearance, Tifa had a gut feeling that he was no danger to her. Not with that friendly smile.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you here before,” she started, raising a dark brow as she carefully set the cleaned dishes aside, “Is this your first time here in Edge?”

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