Hey there. The name is Tifa; I'm the bartender of 7th Heaven.
Would you like something to drink? We have some cocktails that you might like. Long Island Iced Tea, Piña Colada, Daiquiri, you name it.
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She had gotten used to the unsure glances that people here gave her, she supposed they weren’t used to such…vibrant colours. However the young woman at the bar made no comment and simply answered her question, which she was glad for as she honestly couldn’t answer any questions regarding where she was from or why she was dressed this way. “Oh thank you,” she nodded as slipped in closing the door behind her. The place was small but quaint? It seemed to have a nice atmosphere about it.

Setting herself up on one of the stools as she knelt her elbows on top of the counter. Anything she could help with? She supposed so but seeing either of the two people she met here wasn’t urgent maybe the young lady could point her in the right direction at least?

“Maybe you can help me find someone? Well two people actually, I met them when I visited here last” she explained trying to be as vague as possible in her explanation. “One had hair like this,” gesturing with her hands above her head to make a point, indicating Cloud. “The other, a woman she wore pink? I met her near a church” knowing full well her descriptions weren’t very detailed.

"Any description of the person you’re looking for?" the woman asked with a raise of her brow. Quite honestly, Tifa doubted that she could help the young woman find her companions seeing that she had never seen anyone like her. But as she listened to the other describe the first person, she found herself mildly surprised. Perhaps it was only a coincidence, but she highly doubts that there were many people with spiked hair. "That’s funny… I know a person who has hair similar to that." she said with a small laugh. "He lives here…" She paused briefly before quickly correcting herself, "I mean, he used to live here. I’m not sure where he is now.”

Upon hearing the description of the second person, however, the smile on the raven-haired woman’s face faded ever slightly. Could she be talking about her? Aerith? Tifa had always believed that the flower girl was watching over her and her friends, aiding them in spirit whenever the time called for it; but to even think that she was physically walking upon Gaia, living… breathing… gods, even the optimistic woman found it to be an impossible notion to believe.

Then again, whoever said that they were thinking about the same people?

Clearing her throat, she began to set the dishes aside and started wiping down the counter with a dishcloth. “I’m sorry…” the bartender murmured in a subdued tone before a trying smile tugged at her lips, “Do you have names to their faces? I don’t want to end up giving you bad information.”

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Even if my collarbones crush or crumble, I will never slip or stumble.
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All things considered, it wasn’t a particularly good day for the keyblade bearer. The convoluted winds and trailing arches of Wonderland’s box-hedge mazes had him sprinting in roundabout circles and ovals, undergrowth that would shift and morph at the slightest breeze. It wasn’t as if he could climb up the rhododendron bushes; they’d fling and shy away and soar far avoce his grasp, and somewhere beyond, those gossipy, giant plumed flowers needled on about his antics with pealing laughter.

Besides, the White Rabbit had remarked that Alice was entrapped in the heart of the labyrinth (with fiddling paws and a snap-to-attention sort of air in his fervent gaze). No way could he turn down that offer; or so was his rationale, at least. But after the seventh time passing the same patch of shrubbery, he flat-out sprinted ahead in a bout of mild irritation, slamming right into — “O-ow .. whoa, hey, are you alright?” Rubbing his head profusely, he glanced up, eyes dilated, staring right up at the person he’d crashed into.

She was not quite sure how she had ended up here. Just moments ago, she was looking through the bar’s storage room for wine bottles, and before she could even blink, she ended up here in this strange world. Where am I? Confusion and bewilderment was apparent in her features as she tried to navigate through the twists and turns of what seems to be a garden maze.

It is terrible, really, to have ended up in a maze… Despite the fact that she was relatively keen, puzzles never fail to confound her. “Not this way…” she muttered as she turned the corner, only to face a wall of green. Folding her arms across her chest, Tifa thought long and hard. Perhaps there was a way to solve the maze without haphazardly guessing which route to take. There were a few trees with red roses — or what appears to be red roses as the original hue of the petals seemed to have been sloppily painted over — she passed by before she ended up here. Perhaps they were there to indicate a way out? 

It would not hurt trying at this point. Nodding once, she was about to turn around to leave the dead end until she found herself stumbling back. Letting out a startled gasp as she immediately got back on her feet, she glanced up warily to face the stranger.

When she realised that the stranger was only a teenage boy, her features instantly softened. Was he just as lost as she was? Possibly… though he didn’t look troubled by the slightest about it.  ”Yeah, I’m fine.” she reassured, extending a hand to the other before light-heartedly jesting, “How about you? Looked like you flew back a couple feet.”

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She’d been here before, this dull colour palette and building structure…she’d definitely seen it before. She’d slightly lost her way and had ended up landing here though hadn’t realised where it was until she landed. Making sure no one had seen her she continued on her way, getting a few odd looks her way as she easily stood out compared to the greys and browns of this place. Midgar was it? Or was it Edge? One of the two either way. This was where Cloud came from, from what she recalled, there was someone else she’d met here too but that had been a while ago now.

Not seeing too many shops a bar came into view, bars were supposed to be a good place to get information right? She supposed she might as well see if he was here and that other woman she had met, Aerith. Pushing the door open quietly as she peeked her head in not knowing if they were even open yet.

“Hello? Um are you open?” She asked seeing a young woman at the counter attending to dishes or some such. 

Maroon eyes hastily left her task of cleaning dishes and silverware as the bartender affixed her attention to the newcomer. Tifa had seen and catered to many different kinds of people during her time working in 7th Heaven, but never had she seen someone who looked like they came straight out of a fairy tale. The fact that she was almost entirely clad in all shades of blue made her stand out even more in the grey city. But that was not the only thing that was different about the young woman before her. With the segmented pieces of armoury on her upper arms and feet, she looked a bit like a warrior or maybe a knight; unlike a SOLDIER (or ex-SOLDIER) who would wear a simple pauldron on their shoulder.

While some may have perceived this as a potential threat, the stranger before her appeared to be genial and Tifa couldn’t find any reason to doubt the kindness in her features. “Yes, the bar is open. Please feel free to take a seat.” the raven-haired woman answered with a smile as she gestured to a barstool, “Is there anything in particular I can help you with?”

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Releasing a chuckle of his own, his gloved hand slid off his mug and extended to meet the other’s in a confident handshake. “Name’s Snow, nice to meet you.” The brawler responded with his own name, also coming to the realization that they had yet to introduce themselves. He wasn’t surprised however, for he was a person who easily gets caught up in what he’s doing that he forgets to do introductions. There have been a number of occasions where he had entire conversations with strangers and end up leaving without a single exchange of names, only becoming aware of the fact far too late.

The raven haired female’s warm smile mirrored on his own handsome features as he retracted his hand to idly place the limb parallel to the counter’s edge. Falling into a brief silence, sapphire eyes took the chance to survey the bar for the first time since he had entered. Lips tightened thoughtfully as he appreciated the establishment, impressed with what he saw.

“So Tifa… you have anyone else around here helping you out? This bar seems too big for one single person to handle.” The inquiry was a result of curiosity for the most part, evoked by the fact that no one else was present aside from the bartender and himself.

Shaking the other’s hand firmly before retracting her own, Tifa nodded once, “Likewise. It’s good to see a new face every now and then.”
With a light chuckle, she began to dry the glassware in the sink. Given Edge’s dull scenery, though she considered it to be her home, there were so many mundane things that somehow manages to dampen her mood by the slightest. Then again, variety is the spice of life, she mused as she set down the fragile glass. Or so they say.

When Snow asked a question, bringing her out of her train of thoughts, her scarlet gaze immediately fixed upon him again. ” ‘Too big for one single person’? ” she asked, shaking her head lightly as she let an effervescent smile colour her features, “Not for me. I guess you can say that this bar runs on a one-woman staff.”

Finishing with her current task, she let out a quiet sigh, “That is to say, it definitely isn’t an easy job and I do need help occasionally… but it’s fine. I have a couple friends who stop by every once in a while.”

Upon the mention of companions, the bartender couldn’t help but wonder about a certain young man who had suddenly disappeared off the radar. Though she made no move to stop him from leaving, she did feel concerned for his well-being. I wonder how he’s doing

Blinking once distractedly, she let out a sheepish chuckle, shaking her head once more in apology, “Sorry for blanking out.”
Slinging the towel over her shoulder, she left her place behind the counter and took a seat next to the blond male. “How about you?” she asked curiously, resting her forearms against the counter, “I mean… do you have any friends traveling with you?”